[BEEPwg] caching and compression profiles?

Ryan Ripken ryan@silicondefense.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 15:59:42 -0700

Has anyone thought about writing a zlib profile to do gzip compression? 
 What about a profile to do caching?  Is there any reason profiles like 
this couldn't be created?

It seems like a compression profile would be straightforward and useful 
enough that someone may have already done this.

In my case I would like to send a large amount of xml messages (IDMEF) 
from a client to a server.  Using gzip I can usually get around 30x 
compression.  I'd imagine that XMill or some other approach could do 
better.  For security reasons I'd like to use the tls profile (actually 
the idxp profile with tls).  Besides network bandwidth there are 
performance and security reasons why compression is attractive.

  I could turn on compression in openssl in both the client and the 
server machines but that is implementation specific and not general 
 purpose.  I could also compress/decompress the messages in the 
applications - but this ties clients to servers and kinda defeats the 
purpose of using an open format like IDMEF.  I think a compression 
profile would be the best solution and allow peers to negotiate a 
compression profile when it is available on the client and the server.

I did a quick search and found a refernce to a suggestion for a 
compression profile in the mailing list archive, whatever happened to 
that idea?
If a compression profile could be written it wouldn't work very well 
with small messages, that is where a caching profile might be useful - 
cache messages and compress a bunch of them at once.

What do you people think?