[BEEPwg] rfc 3081, queueing, implementations (TSV's view)

Randolph S. Kahle RandyKahle@KahleAssociates.com
13 Mar 2002 03:53:26 -0700

> > It addresses the fact that BEEP is trying to make a threaded
> > service on top of an unthreaded service (TCP) to get a lot of other
> > application architecture benefits.  Sometimes there's a cost.
> i agree!
> of course, what often goes unsaid (when this thread shows up twice a year), is that if you don't want the benefit, there really isn't a cost. if you want to implement a BEEP layer that doesn't do multiple channels, then you can hardcode all of this stuff quite simply...

Now I am even more confused than before.

Are you saying that an implementation of the BEEP protocol can support
only one channel and still be considered compliant?

-- Randy