[BEEPwg] Cipher block boundaries and the TCP mapping

Darren New dnew at san.rr.com
Fri Aug 6 09:29:23 PDT 2004

james woodyatt wrote:
> Is it my imagination, or does the TCP mapping for the BEEP protocol not 
> specify any way for frames to be spaced properly so that they always 
> begin (or end) on a cipher block boundary?

Is there a need for this to be part of the protocol? There wouldn't seem 
to be. Part of an API, perhaps, but not part of a protocol, I would think.

 >  If you wanted to do that,
> would declaring it as a "feature" in the greeting be the right choice?  
> What would a specification of this extension look like?

That would be a request for the other side to ensure that frames match 
cypher blocks? It would seem to make more sense to make that an option 
of the TLS or SASL profiles, than as an option of the entire session.

Consider, what would be the meaning of this feature if TLS was never 
invoked? What would be the meaning if TLS was already invoked?

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