[BEEPwg] SASL server response to <blob status='abort'/>

james woodyatt jhw at wetware.com
Mon Aug 30 10:32:18 PDT 2004

On 30 Aug 2004, at 02:47, Marshall Rose wrote:
> On Aug 29, 2004, at 22:16, james woodyatt wrote:
>> There is no direction in RFC 3080 for how a SASL server is supposed 
>> to respond to a MSG from the client to abort the exchange.  How is 
>> the client supposed to know that the exchange was aborted 
>> successfully?  I looked in RFC 2222 and it says that BEEP is supposed 
>> to specify how this is done.
> you send back <blob status='complete'/> because the exchange is now 
> completed.

Okay, I can do that.  I suggest that, when we revise the specification 
for consideration as a draft standard (or whatever the new IETF 
standards process is when we do the next revision), we should amend the 
following language in section 4.1.3 to more clearly describe the use of 
the 'complete' status attribute value:

       complete: used by a server to indicate that the exchange is
          complete and successful;

It should probably read:

       complete: used by a server to indicate that the exchange is
          complete with the result that a user is either
          successfully authenticated or the exchange has been
          aborted by the client;

The implication is that a <blob status='complete'> element does *not* 
signal a tuning reset when the client has requested to abort the 
exchange.  I wish that were more clear in the specification.

Thanks for the quick answer.

j h woodyatt <jhw at wetware.com>
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