[BEEPwg] pipelining within channel 0

Marshall Rose mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us
Tue, 11 May 2004 15:21:57 -0700

> So RFC 3080 says:
>   A BEEP peer acting in the server role must process all "MSG" messages
>   for a given channel in the same order as they are received.  As a
>   consequence, the BEEP peer must generate replies in the same order as
>   the corresponding "MSG" messages are received on a given channel.
> For channel 0, which peer is considered "acting in the server role"? 
> Cannot the modifier 'acting in the server role' be taken away?  I'm 
> wondering if the chan0 MSG messages need to be replied in the same 
> order they are received.  Specifically, if peer A receives <close 
> number='1'> then <close number='2'>, but it takes longer to close 
> channel 1 than it takes to close channel 2, cannot peer A reply to the 
> 2nd close message first?

you raise an interesting point.

keith and/or pete may have a different perspective on this.

i would say that the peer acting the listening role would be considered 
as the peer acting in the server role for channel zero. (although i 
agree that the specification doesn't clearly spell this out.)

a related ambiguity is how to handle a simultaneous close on channel