[BEEPwg] Some SEQ frame questions

David Blacka davidb at verisignlabs.com
Thu Jan 5 11:26:32 PST 2006

On Jan 5, 2006, at 9:03 AM, Peter Hall wrote:

>> 3) It is easy to understand that any change required to the window
>>  size for a given channel will required to produce a SEQ frame to be
>>  sent, but if the window size doesn't change:
>>  It is required to keep on sending SEQ frames notifying current
>>  status of the channel buffer?
> No need to keep sending them

Um, no.  I think you've misunderstood how SEQ works.

It is true that you do not have to send a new SEQ frame after every  
received frame (although you could).  You DO need to send one either  
before the original buffer size is exhausted, or immediately afterwards.

What the SEQ frame says is: on this channel, you may send me N  
octets.  It isn't saying "break every message in to N octet frames".

>> 4) What could happen if BEEP peer just ignore SEQ frames or don't
>>  generate SEQ frames?
> This is what I have done. I'll accept the SEQ frame but I never  
> send a SEQ
> frame. When I send a message I'll split the message into whatever  
> the remote
> peer SEQ requested.

Have you actually interoperated with, say, beepcore-j?

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