[BEEPwg] implementing a profile

stihler at ppgia.pucpr.br stihler at ppgia.pucpr.br
Mon Apr 9 16:04:44 PDT 2007


I'm trying to design an authorization framework for web-services, and  
I'm thinking to use BEEP as the transport protocol for SOAP. I did  
some research for implementations but found nothing (except for IBM's  
beeplite, which has a 90-day license).

Is there any opensource implementation of the SOAP-over-BEEP profile  
described on rfc4227? If there is not, would it be too hard to  
implement it?

I'm thinking about using Beepcore for java. The application would be a  
kind of proxy for SOAP requisitions, it would inspect every SOAP  
message and check it against the policies, closing the channel in case  
of policy violation, otherwise it would forward the message to the  
right web service.

client-->[proxy client]<=SOAP/BEEP=>[proxy]-->web-service

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