[BEEPbuilders] Proposal for Getting Started

Jonas Borgström jonas@codefactory.se
24 Oct 2002 16:17:16 +0200

Gabe Wachob <gwachob@wachob.com> writes:

> beepbuilders sourceforge project is created using justin's suggested
> directory structure.
> beepbuilders.sf.net
> If you are a beep library author and would like to participate, please let
> me know and we can add you as a contributor or other level of participant
> in the project that you want. All BEEP library authors are strongly
> encouraged to participate!
> Haven't heard any other negative (or positive) comments, would still
> welcome those.
Great initiative, the RoadRunner project would be glad to participate!

With a common interoperability test, each library author probably doesn't
have to write their own regression tests.

Should the interoperability test only contain tests for the "core" features,
or will it also test the TLS, SASL, XML-RPC... profiles?

/ Jonas
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