[BEEPbuilders] [beepcore] Caught NPE on SessionEvent.toString() when receivingsession close event

Daan Hoogland daan.hoogland at luminis.nl
Mon Jun 20 16:00:05 PDT 2005

Dann Martens wrote:

> Hi,
> Sure, sounds like a start of something to me 8)
> My concerns regarding the current implementation:
> - pursuing a clear separation between:
>  (a) the BEEP multi-channel functionality (more than one
> input/outputstream) as suggested by the the SCTP on TCP mapping
> contained in the spec; should culminate in a package wich would allow
> a developer to use this function separately (using typical Java I/O
> primitives).
>  (b) the BEEP protocol framework (-> stuff with Profiles)
> - implementing as many Profiles in existence as humanly possible (very
> keen to see the Tunnel Profile, not at least to see if this thing
> actually works)
> - fixing SASL Profile issues
> - fixing inband messaging for Tuning
> - getting hold of Huston's last coding effort (would be related to (a)
> mostly)
> I'll start posting my patches ASAP, together with the rationale for
> each change or fix.
> Cya,
> Dann
> P.S. Does everybody have the O'Reilly BEEP book, for reference ?

I've got one in semi permanent load from the collegue that started the
implementation (back in 2002).

So now here's my focus for the near future. We have a beepcore session
in a c/s environment with the client being an osgi gateway (oscar) and
the server being a j2ee server (jboss).  I use a transparent
proxy/packetshaper to slow nagotiations and watch logging go by. At any
time when a tls profile is active the osgi bundle hangs if I stop the
proxy. My next effort wil be isolating the application protocol and
seeing if my suspicion of the tls profile is correct. I won't be
controbuting much code for the time being as I don't have priority for
this issue, but I'll be reporting.

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