[BEEPbuilders] [beepcore] Caught NPE on SessionEvent.toString() when receivingsession close event

Daan Hoogland daan.hoogland at luminis.nl
Thu Jun 30 14:44:38 PDT 2005

Daan Hoogland wrote:

>So now here's my focus for the near future. We have a beepcore session
>in a c/s environment with the client being an osgi gateway (oscar) and
>the server being a j2ee server (jboss).  I use a transparent
>proxy/packetshaper to slow nagotiations and watch logging go by. At any
>time when a tls profile is active the osgi bundle hangs if I stop the
>proxy. My next effort wil be isolating the application protocol and
>seeing if my suspicion of the tls profile is correct. I won't be
>controbuting much code for the time being as I don't have priority for
>this issue, but I'll be reporting.
I just tested the above without tls. The effect is the same. more later.

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