[BEEPbuilders] [beepcore] Caught NPE on SessionEvent.toString() when receivingsession close event

Daan Hoogland daan.hoogland at luminis.nl
Mon Jun 20 12:21:00 PDT 2005


nice to hear someone does something with this.

I saw something maybe related with a tls profile. I tested the stability
by removing the ip connection from under the c/s connection. It was the
client that couldn't recover. Ididn't look into it to much as the
connection is generally very stable. Also I thought it was JSSE related,
but your scenario rings a bell somehow. I'm working with the latest
version as well:-(

Maybe if you get to do a fix you could post it here? The project could
get alive the old fashioned way again:-)

Christian Möller wrote:

>currently I'm writing a prototype BEEP client and server testing the
>protocol, some implementations of it - and my knowledge.
>In the course of my investigation I've written an ugly behaving client
>not sending any channel or session close requests; he only shuts down
>the TCP connection when finished. My
>org.beepcore.beep.core.event.SessionListener tries to log the event he
>receives with a call of sessionClosed(final SessionEvent event) - and
>fails like this:
>	at org.beepcore.beep.transport.tcp.TCPSession.toString(TCPSession.java:230)
>	at java.lang.String.valueOf(String.java:2131)
>	at java.lang.StringBuffer.append(StringBuffer.java:370)
>	at java.util.EventObject.toString(EventObject.java:54)
>	...
>No heavy bug, but it shouldn't be much work to fix it. I'm working with
>version 0.9.08.
>Thanks and regards.
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